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London Deprivation Index

Deprivation is measured across seven different areas or domains - income, employment, health, education, living environment, crime and barriers to services using a wide range of indicators, and the methods used show how each area compares with other areas across England using a combination of all these indicators. As stated by The Guardian, "the data is based on a close analysis of the UK government's Indices of Multiple Deprivation - which measures relative poverty across England – by Alasdair Rae at the University of Sheffield." (Source) Source: Related Data Story: London Income Analysis
Source: ODVietnam

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POLYGON ((-1.1178588867187 51.08282186161, -1.1178588867187 51.859531509855, 1.1178588867187 51.859531509855, 1.1178588867187 51.08282186161))
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